Retail. Reimagined For The New Economy

Retail. Reimagined For The New Economy

The new economy is disrupting and changing the rules of retail

For retail to get the most out of the new economy, it needs to run simple.

Running simple means reimagining business models based on real insights, not trends. It’s serving customers, not just your process. It’s when technology works for you and your customers, instead of the other way around.

Digitally armed customers expect a new type of experience: one that is frictionless, where technology is invisible and always present and commerce just happens in the moment, anytime, and anywhere.

New competitors are emerging every day – ready to answer those needs with fully digital strategies, simple consumer experiences, and innovative business models. Competition is coming from unexpected areas such as search engines, social networks, telecommunication, and banks. Every industry that touches the consumer is trying to get a piece of the same business.

While it is true that the fast rise of digital is creating uncertainties and new winners and losers, leaders realize that it also offers great opportunities.

To thrive in a climate of unprecedented innovation, businesses must reimagine themselves as living systems. Retailers can sense, respond, learn, adapt, and predict customer and business needs in the moment with SAP’s transformational digital solutions.

Retail. Digital Infinite Opportunity

Lori Mitchel-Keller — Global General Manager Consumer Industries, Retail, SAP — shares her observations about how the digital economy is changing retail. Reimagine the industry with her and start thinking of what’s possible today.

SAP has the platform and solutions for digital retail

Every retailer can develop a digital strategy across five pillars:

  • Digital core with key retail and business processes such as merchandising, supply chain, and manufacturing
  • Customer experience across all touch points
  • Supplier collaboration throughout all spend categories
  • Workforce engagement including store and seasonal staff
  • Assets and the Internet of Things to derive live insights from inventory and other assets and to support new business models

Only SAP has the end-to-end digital solutions to interconnect all aspects of your industry’s value chain to drive business outcomes in real time. Radically simplify your business processes and connect them to the limitless possibilities of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and business networks to enable once-in-a-generation transformations.

It’s not necessary to wait for the future to arrive. SAP solutions for retailers help take advantage of these opportunities today.

See how Ouest delivers SAP solutions For Retail

SAP S/4HANA and the Race to Go Digital – The Spin with Megan Meany

SAP S/4HANA featured on The Spin with Megan Meany

SAP S/4HANA is the fastest growing product in SAP history

By utilizing a simplified data model and the award-winning SAP Fiori 2.0 user experience, the new release helps reduce complexity and unleash the next wave of business productivity. Through prediction and pattern recognition capabilities, along with machine learning, SAP S/4HANA lays the foundation to reduce exception management for more routine transactions, empowering the workforce to focus on higher-value tasks with embedded analytics and real-time insights.

“With this third major on-premise release, companies of all sizes can take advantage of innovations offered across lines of business and industries,” said Wieland Schreiner, executive vice president, SAP S/4HANA, SAP. “Innovations in line of business and industry functionality allow companies to realize productivity gains and dramatically simplify their IT landscapes. This is the digital core that helps companies run live in today’s digital world.”

“The Spin” with Megan Meany, episode 78

In a special episode of The Spin with Megan Meany from the Porsche Experience Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, Megan looks at how SAP S/4HANA is helping companies big and small win the race to go digital.

Watch more of Megan Meany on SAP TV

Unique Industry Functionality Designed Specifically for In-Memory Computing

SAP is a recognized leader in providing industry-specific functionality to help our customers achieve their business goals. The new SAP S/4HANA release allows organizations to meet specific industry digital transformation needs while delivering greater functionality and simpler integration to a broad set of functions. For example, retail industry functionality such as merchandise management is completely re-architected for the modern retailer providing retailers, as well as customers from other industries that require retail functionality, complete visibility to make holistic business decisions based on harmonized master data.

Oil and gas industry customers can take advantage of upstream and downstream functions, including hydrocarbon product management, that are optimized for high performance on the SAP HANA platform, as well as a real-time inventory planning workbench with enhanced simulation capabilities for supply chain scheduling, providing insight and flexibility to better meet the needs of end customers.

Additionally, the new release incorporates all features of the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution. Companies can transform finance processes by simplifying landscapes while still taking advantage of every innovation released for SAP S/4HANA Finance, from easily accessing the most-granular level of detail to performing simulations on live data.

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Run Live Run Simple – Ouest SAP Partner Event

Run Live Run Simple with SAP solutions by Ouest Solutions a Vancouver based SAP partner and reseller

When you run live, you run simple

Spend less time managing technology and more time managing business, when you run live, you run simple.

All businesses want to simplify their day to day operations. They need to be ready for any opportunity. At this exclusive, invite-only event, we featured new web-based applications from SAP that simplify and enhance user experience, allowing you to focus on what counts — your company’s growth. Never worry again about outgrowing your ERP. Run live, run simple with SAP software and service solutions by Ouest.

Ouest and SAP Vancouver

SAP partner Ouest and SAP Vancouver ran the first of a series of introductory sessions to an invite-only crowd of keen business executives. It was a great morning event and we were happy to give our participants a better idea about the value of these powerful solutions.

An amazing team!

Many thanks are due to our SAP Partner Business Manager Julie Clark for her support, and to presenters Suresh Ramanathan (VP at SAP Americas — Lead for Center of Excellence), and Rhod Joyce (Senior Dir., Center Of Excellence – S4H Enterprise Management) for sharing their knowledge and experience in an accessible and insightful way.

“It was great to see S/4HANA in action, especially in the expert hands of Rhod Joyce. I know that people who weren’t there are going to be excited to learn about the new user experience, its agility for configuration, and the ability to use it anywhere on any device.”

— Carlos de Carvalho

Our own Carlos de Carvalho (Senior Project Manager) and Al Esmail (VP Sales & Marketing) filled in specifics about the role of SAP partners, and how Ouest drives SAP value to our customers — from Requirements Gathering, to estimating Project Scope, to delivering solutions that are on time and on budget.

“This session was engaging and informative—it provided a clear picture of where SAP has come from and where it is today, and also included a view into the future of our industry solutions. Given the quality of the discussions, we look  forward to doing more of these events.” 

—Al Esmail 

Our audience was quite engaged; they came in with serious questions, but also got into the spirit of our “Fact or Fiction” game. We left them with a good understanding of our role as an SAP partner, a clear idea about the realities of SAP pricing and how it works for small-to-mid-sized companies, including a strong picture of the options available to best streamline their business.

Thanks also to our behind the scenes crew: Michael Boyce (Digital Marketing & Content Management) and Ankur Aggarwal (Inside Sales Rep) for all their hard work.

Here’s what we covered:

  • How to simplify your day to day operations.
  • Web-based applications that are more intuitive, smarter and more agile.
  • Better user experience and access to information anywhere, anyway, anytime.
  • How SAP delivers solutions for your outgrown systems.
  • Low cost, rapid deployment using systems based on industry best practices.

When you run live, you run simple. See how live data, live applications and a live end-to-end suite of solutions from SAP can help you transform your business.

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Please, Please, Please, consider InfoSec and Privacy when implementing Business Analytics

info sec

by: Carlos Chalico

Do you remember what happens when Tom Cruise’s character gets into a GAP store in the film “Minority Report”? If you don’t, you can get your memory refreshed by following this link to a video of that specific scene.

The constant generation of data is creating a complex profile of each one of us and also of the way we live. Business Analytics tools are very valuable when thinking about how to better use data for decision making, but serious risks related to information security and privacy surround these initiatives (as it happens with many others).

Considering this, when a Business Analytics project is going to be implemented, information security and privacy have to be seriously considered. In this regard, CSA and ISACA have released documents like the following, which include advice on how to properly manage these considerations.

1. Top Ten Big Data Security & Privacy Challenges.

2. Privacy and Big Data.

In this article I wrote for Nearshore Americas I include specific recommendations for how to deal with information security and privacy issues in every single phase of an implementation project for Business Analytics. Please take a look at it and share your thoughts.

Remember, if there is data, there is risk. If data is sensitive, the risk is higher. If data is big, the risk is bigger.

What do you think?