The Mining Industry and Digital Transformation

The Mining Industry and Digital Transformation

Mine Smarter Not Harder

Almost everyone pictures miners as hard working men, carrying a pick over the shoulder and wearing a hard hat in a dangerous work environment. It is time to rethink this picture. The mining industry is going through a huge transformation into the digital age. More miners are becoming knowledge workers, and their work environment is becoming more safe.

Some miners are wearing bionic jackets with sensors that trigger alerts for dangerous levels in gas, seismic shifts or other kinds of factors. These new technologies integrate with systems that mine the data, which up until now was unused, and help make mining more predictable.

SAP supports the entire mining industry value chain

•  17 of the top 20 mining companies run SAP solutions

•  Overall, 700+ mining companies fun SAP solutions

•  9 of the top 10 copper-producing companies run SAP solutions

Mining: The Digital Mine

Watch this video where Eckhardt Siess, VP IBU Mill Products & Mining, explains the challenges faced with decreasing prices and increasing costs.

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Retail. Reimagined For The New Economy

Retail. Reimagined For The New Economy

The new economy is disrupting and changing the rules of retail

For retail to get the most out of the new economy, it needs to run simple.

Running simple means reimagining business models based on real insights, not trends. It’s serving customers, not just your process. It’s when technology works for you and your customers, instead of the other way around.

Digitally armed customers expect a new type of experience: one that is frictionless, where technology is invisible and always present and commerce just happens in the moment, anytime, and anywhere.

New competitors are emerging every day – ready to answer those needs with fully digital strategies, simple consumer experiences, and innovative business models. Competition is coming from unexpected areas such as search engines, social networks, telecommunication, and banks. Every industry that touches the consumer is trying to get a piece of the same business.

While it is true that the fast rise of digital is creating uncertainties and new winners and losers, leaders realize that it also offers great opportunities.

To thrive in a climate of unprecedented innovation, businesses must reimagine themselves as living systems. Retailers can sense, respond, learn, adapt, and predict customer and business needs in the moment with SAP’s transformational digital solutions.

Retail. Digital Infinite Opportunity

Lori Mitchel-Keller — Global General Manager Consumer Industries, Retail, SAP — shares her observations about how the digital economy is changing retail. Reimagine the industry with her and start thinking of what’s possible today.

SAP has the platform and solutions for digital retail

Every retailer can develop a digital strategy across five pillars:

  • Digital core with key retail and business processes such as merchandising, supply chain, and manufacturing
  • Customer experience across all touch points
  • Supplier collaboration throughout all spend categories
  • Workforce engagement including store and seasonal staff
  • Assets and the Internet of Things to derive live insights from inventory and other assets and to support new business models

Only SAP has the end-to-end digital solutions to interconnect all aspects of your industry’s value chain to drive business outcomes in real time. Radically simplify your business processes and connect them to the limitless possibilities of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and business networks to enable once-in-a-generation transformations.

It’s not necessary to wait for the future to arrive. SAP solutions for retailers help take advantage of these opportunities today.

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