Get the analytics you need to make the best possible decision – every time – with SAP HANA. This powerful in-memory database is the only solution that delivers across the five dimensions of decision processing:

  • Breadth (analyze big data from multiple sources)
  • Depth (ask complex questions on granular data)
  • High-speed (receive fast, interactive responses)
  • Simplicity (eliminate the need for data preparation)
  • Real time (run real-time queries on real-time data).

Here are just some of the benefits of using SAP HANA:

  • Get immediate answers to any kind of business question – even on big data.
  • Answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data.
  • No more waiting for results: get answers in split seconds in an interactive fashion.
  • Remove data latency caused by ETL through real-time replication.
  • Cut weeks from development cycles by removing the need for pre-aggregation cubes.

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