SAP Fiori UX

SAP Fiori UX is a user-centred design concept that delivers a harmonized user experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices. It offers a simpler, more efficient user experience by providing specific role-based screens for users. It addresses all aspects of the user’s interaction with products, systems, processes, and services.

Usability relates to how easy it is for users to achieve their goals while interacting with a system. SAP Fiori UX considers the usability of a system, but also looks at the user’s total holistic experience.

What is SAP Fiori?

Personalize and simplify your SAP experience with SAP Fiori UX

The user-centered design concept focuses on the way employees work and offers a variety of business benefits:

  • Increased productivity – faster and direct access to relevant information and applications
  • Transparency on items needing your attention – timely notifications
  • Helps users decide what needs to be done next
  • Allows users to take quick and informed actions
  • Increased user satisfaction

SAP Fiori Apps

SAP Fiori Apps are custom made applications that help improve the SAP user experience. They offer a simpler interface for performing common functions like workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks. Fiori Apps work seamlessly across all devices, improving productivity by allowing users to complete tasks on the go.

SAP Fiori UX Apps Reference Library

The SAP Fiori apps reference library enables you to discover available apps, with details for installation and configuration. It provides app documentation, a Maintenance Planner and other related resources. It also includes information for integrating classic SAP GUI and WebDynpro applications into SAP Fiori Launchpad.

SAP Fiori Launchpad

Personalize and simplify the user experience (UX) for your SAP applications.

SAP Fiori launchpad is a shell that hosts SAP Fiori apps, and provides the apps with services such as navigation, personalization, embedded support, and application configuration. SAP Fiori launchpad is the entry point to SAP Fiori apps on mobile and desktop devices. It gives users the relevant information they need at a glance and centers on their needs and how they work.