Optimize SAP

Optimize SAP   —   Maximize ROI

How is your SAP running? Are you getting the return on investment you expect from your system? Is your SAP configured to deliver the performance you need? If not, you may need to optimize SAP to re-align your solution with your business objectives, and ensure it delivers the efficiencies you depend upon.

We can help!

Ouest works with clients to identify the most efficient way of streamlining their business. Whether it’s by performing small tweaks or making big process improvements, our collaborative agile approach to optimization can realign your system with your business requirements in a timely, cost-effective way, saving you unnecessary workarounds.

Optimize SAP

Optimize SAP for these benefits:

  • Reduce the number of steps to process any SAP transaction
  • Reduce / remove duplication of tasks and manual workarounds
  • Refine & retool process flow integration between SAP submodules to FICO
  • Implement optimal security controls to ensure segregation of tasks
  • Improve financial reporting and role-based dashboards to track key performance indicators

Improvements without business disruption

Our certified SAP consulting experts excel at streamlining business, saving money, and improving your bottom line.

By defining your business needs and combining them with SAP’s best business practices, they’re able to identify the optimal solution for your system and business needs, and help ensure you maximize the effectiveness of your SAP solution.

Ouest’s consultants have experience and training in more than one area of SAP and have more than 7 years each of SAP experience.  This allows us to apply an integrated best practices approach to SAP solutions.

Consultants qualifications include:

  • SAP Certification
  • Extensive training to provide the highest quality service
  • Strong understanding of customer business processes and requirements before introducing solutions
  • Comfortable working within your particular organizational structure
  • Versatility to engage with different stakeholders and business leads as necessary

Whatever industry your company is in (Mining, Retail, Utilities, Public Sector), we can deliver the SAP solution stack — with its built-in best business practices and pre-configured industry solution — both rapidly and affordably.

Our Optimization strategy delivers:

  • An evaluation of your existing solution
  • A discovery session of your existing pain points with a resolution for each problem
  • Recommendations for the best course of action and next steps