SAP Enhancement Packs

For more than 35 years, SAP has been honing its tools and methodologies. The result is optional SAP Enhancement Packs that enable you to take advantage of the ongoing innovations you need – when you need them.

We can provide your business with enhancement packs that offer new or improved software functionality. These enhancements can be implemented in a modular fashion – there’s no need to run a major upgrade project.

More function with no disruption

Our clients get new functionality and technology advancement without the disruption of system upgrades. And, we’ll keep your core software stable while we activate only the new features and technical improvements you want – on your own timetable – to add the most value to your business.

SAP grows with your business

As your business grows, SAP grows with it. If you need additional functionality to help move your business to the next level, Ouest has the expertise to do this quickly and efficiently.

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