SAP Fiori Mentor app released on iTunes

SAP Fiori Mentor App available now on iTunes

Last May, Apple and SAP announced a deal that opened an opportunity for SAP to use its technologies to better enable iOS apps, and so software developers could build iOS apps that take advantage of SAP technologies. Today, (April 5, 2017) the SAP Fiori Mentor app was released on Apple’s iTunes store for iPad.

The new developer toolkit came out this week, which allows apps like this to be created using Apple’s Swift programming language and to connect them to SAP systems, while more specifically designing them for the smaller mobile form.

The specific use cases that could be addressed include, more easily gathering customer information for retail, or having access to product data without having to go to a laptop, a better efficiency for workers in warehouses and on construction sites.

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SAP Fiori Mentor App Description

(The following is from the Apple iTunes site:)

The SAP Fiori Mentor mobile app for iPad provides interactive documentation for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, streamlining the development of SAP Fiori apps on iOS. The app allows you to view live previews of all UI components and change parameters to see the effect immediately. Once a component is customized to your liking, view and copy the ready-made code snippet on your iPhone or iPad and paste on your Mac with Universal Clipboard.

Key features of SAP Fiori Mentor for iPad

  • Browse demo apps for inspiration and enable the overlay to see which components are used
  • Preview all UI components with different preset SAP Fiori styles
  • Customize the component style to meet your needs and see the effect immediately in a live preview
  • Copy the ready-made code snippet for your customized control and paste on your Mac using Universal Clipboard
  • Check your components in both iPad and iPhone layouts

SAP Fiori Mentor App screen 02

Note: To access some parts of the referenced documentation, you will need an SAP Cloud Platform account.

Get the app on iTunes

SAP Fiori Mentor App screen 03


Now, if you want to know more about the value of the app, check out this comprehensive review by SAP community’s Robin van het Hof.