Ouest and SAP Update 2016

Ouest Holiday Season Update

Season’s Greetings

Hello, and happy holidays. This Ouest and SAP update for 2016 covers just a few of the developments for this past year. It’s been an exciting time.

SAP Update 2016

One of the biggest developments this year was the release of SAP HANA 2 and S/4HANA.


Released at the end of November, there are already more than 4,100 customers who have licensed SAP’s S/4HANA, over 350 of whom are live on the suite, by SAP’s official count in October 2016 [ c/o ASUG in Review 2016: The Year in S/4HANA ]

Megan Meany gave us little a look-see in episode 78 of “The Spin”, which you can read about in our post SAP S/4HANA and the Race to Go Digital

As Wieland Schreiner, executive vice president, SAP S/4HANA, SAP said: “With this third major on-premise release, companies of all sizes can take advantage of innovations offered across lines of business and industries.”


SAP Chief Technology Officer Bernd Leukert, says the evolution to SAP HANA 2 signifies “a new generation of SAP HANA.”

SAP HANA 2 is the new generation of the SAP HANA platform. It offers new functionalities for database management, data management, analytical intelligence, and application development, and was designed specifically with companies embracing the digital transformation in mind.

We mentioned some for the key features in our post SAP HANA 2 The Next Generation Platform

Ouest Update 2016

A New Look

We’ve been a bit busy with a makeover for our website, and we’re happy to say the new look premiered on Nov 20th. We like the new look, and we hope you do too.

More Content, More Options

We’ve been expanding content on our website related to our products and services and we’ve also started posting on a more regular basis to this blog. In 2017 we will be posting more of news, articles, white papers and event information related to SAP, ERP and the world of big data.

Our commitment is to provide information for your business needs that is clear, accurate and relevant. 

We’re dedicated to giving customers clear and accurate information about our solutions and services. The website is an important step in the customer journey towards implementing SAP or purchasing one of our Fiori apps to improve their experience (a feature we’re quietly working on in the background). 

To this end, we’re adding more detail to our pages, but we’re also striving to make that detail more relevant. It’s an ongoing process, which is dependant getting to know our customers and their needs better. And that is definitely going to be a big part of 2017.

Happy New Year everybody!