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Retail solutions by Ouest with SAP

Retail solutions that engage shoppers in the moment

Give consumers the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences they want – when and where they want them – with Ouest’s retail solutions with SAP. Harness real-time customer and point of sale (POS) insights, reach shoppers across any channel (including mobile), and get the visibility you need to optimize everything from merchandising to your supply chain.

Proven industry value for best run retail

  • Over 12,600 retailers in 119 countries are SAP customers
  • SAP touches $16 trillion of retail purchases
  • SAP software runs 10 of the 10 most admired apparel retailers in the world
  • 8 of the 10 top electronics retailers in the world run SAP software

Retail without boundaries

Retailers are operating in a world vastly different from a few years ago. A challenging market, coupled with competition from around the world and an abundance of information available at shoppers’ fingertips, makes today’s shopper more powerful than ever. Additionally, retailers need to operate across channels as efficiently as possible, which means breaking down organizational silos that prevent profitable multichannel retailing. Finally, intensified competition and changing technology mean that every retailer must find new and powerful ways to innovate and differentiate as quickly as possible

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SAP changes the game

  • Faster — Streamline your business processes
  • Simpler — Get what you need when you want it
  • Scaleable — Never outgrow your system
  • Affordable — Quick deployment of preconfigured solutions

SAP retail customers run simple – Hear what they have to say!

Hear how Sports Basement, Detskiy Mir, Brooks Brothers, Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A and Discount Tire share their journey to running simple.

We have software for every aspect of your retailing business

  • Marketing and Merchandising
  • Procurement and Private Label
  • Supply Chain
  • Omnicommerce Customer Experience
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Platform Technology

Our business proposition

More-targeted assortments, relevant promotions, and seamless shopping experiences

  • Analyze, plan, and optimize assortments, prices, and promotions based on your customer needs
  • Fulfill demand flexibly across channels, and optimize inventory, warehouses, and transportation
  • Deliver a relevant customer experience anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re operating in Canada or globally, Ouest can deliver a single instance implementation of SAP software, while providing the maximum functional coverage possible for your business.

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