The Mining Industry and Digital Transformation

Mine Smarter Not Harder

Almost everyone pictures miners as hard working men, carrying a pick over the shoulder and wearing a hard hat in a dangerous work environment. It is time to rethink this picture. The mining industry is going through a huge transformation into the digital age. More miners are becoming knowledge workers, and their work environment is becoming more safe.

Some miners are wearing bionic jackets with sensors that trigger alerts for dangerous levels in gas, seismic shifts or other kinds of factors. These new technologies integrate with systems that mine the data, which up until now was unused, and help make mining more predictable.

SAP supports the entire mining industry value chain

•  17 of the top 20 mining companies run SAP solutions

•  Overall, 700+ mining companies fun SAP solutions

•  9 of the top 10 copper-producing companies run SAP solutions

Mining: The Digital Mine

Watch this video where Eckhardt Siess, VP IBU Mill Products & Mining, explains the challenges faced with decreasing prices and increasing costs.

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