The Customer’s Digital Transformation Journey – SAP White Paper

Making Digital Transformation Possible

Digital Transformation in the Digital Economy

[Excerpt from “Making Digital Transformation Possible”]

Digital transformation is not new. What is different this time is the combined impact of the proliferation of mobile devices, the development of sophisticated real-time analytics, and the emergence of cloud delivery. Information technology and smart computing have penetrated almost every activity, and as a consequence, insightful and immediately actionable information can be derived in real time at record low cost.

The digital economy is having a significant impact on our customers and on what they expect from SAP. The magnitude of this change is illustrated by the following facts.

  • “The sharing society will grow 3,000% by 2030.” – Companies will own a customer-supplier network, not actual assets; taxi companies will not need to own any vehicles; accommodations providers do not need own any real estate.
  • Today, 3.2 billion people are Internet users; 2.1 billion are using social media (source:, Internet Users of the World by Region and, Digital in 2016).
  • By 2020, there will be around 26 smart objects for every human being on Earth, based on Intel’s study “A Guide to the IoT Infographic.”
  • “By 2018, the data created by devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach 403 trillion gigabytes a year,” according to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, 2015.
  • “Only 42% of companies say that they know how to extract meaningful insights from the data available to them.” (source: Oxford Economics, Workforce 2020).
  • “74% of companies believe that business complexity hurts their ability to meet their goals.” (source: [email protected], Business Simplification 2015: The Unmet Strategic Imperative).
  • 78% of employees say that it is very important to work for a digitally enabled company or digital leader (source: MIT Sloan Management Review, Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Future).

The New Market Reality

[ Taken from the Executive Summary by Michael Kleinemeier, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE Global Service & Support ]

It’s been 21 years since Canadian business consultant Don Tapscott coined the term
“digital economy.” And in 2016, this digital economy is redefining everything. Digital is everywhere.

  • Digital business models are disruptive. Industry boundaries have blurred. Embedded software has changed everything.
  • Customers expect a new type of experience. People want seamless
    transactions in their daily life – without disruption. The technology that
    makes life easier needs to be invisible.
  • Services are the new consumption mode. The purchasing of products is
    being replaced with the consumption of services.

The digital economy is having a profound impact on SAP customers and on what our customers expect from us. We see enormous potential for you to simplify your own businesses and seize new opportunities through the SAP HANA platform, with SAP S/4HANA as your new enterprise suite. For this reason, adoption of these innovations is a key pillar of our service and support strategy.

Dedicate some time to this white paper. SAP is committed to moving customers to the cloud, to realizing the digital enterprise, and to establishing SAP S/4HANA as the digital core, all with faster time to value and at lower total cost of ownership. The insights that follow are the building blocks required to make our commitment reality.

What’s inside the White Paper:

Defining the Digital Enterprise

  • How the digital economy is redefining the market
  • Key questions our customers are asking about the digital reality
  • SAP’s vision for 2016 and our response to the digital reality
  • Our business priorities for the digital economy

Our customers look to us to guide them through their digital journey, so our mission is to lead this “servitization” globally in the new digital economy. To achieve this, we have set three main priorities: move customers to the cloud; realize the digital enterprise; and help our customers establish SAP® S/4HANA as their digital core.

Delivering Previously Unimaginable Digital Innovation

  • Delivering on our promise through customer use cases
  • Digitizing the boardroom
  • Our engagement model

SAP offers a broad range of services to cover our customers’ end-to-end digital transformation journey, ranging from advising on and planning a digital innovation road map, to implementing with proven best practices, supporting all deployment models, and optimizing for continuous innovation. SAP provides both choice and value in our services, allowing you to tailor the best approach based on your needs and approach.

Get all the details — read the Digital Services white paper: Making Digital Transformation Possible With SAP Service and Support