Please, Please, Please, consider InfoSec and Privacy when implementing Business Analytics

by: Carlos Chalico

Do you remember what happens when Tom Cruise’s character gets into a GAP store in the film “Minority Report”? If you don’t, you can get your memory refreshed by following this link to a video of that specific scene.

The constant generation of data is creating a complex profile of each one of us and also of the way we live. Business Analytics tools are very valuable when thinking about how to better use data for decision making, but serious risks related to information security and privacy surround these initiatives (as it happens with many others).

Considering this, when a Business Analytics project is going to be implemented, information security and privacy have to be seriously considered. In this regard, CSA and ISACA have released documents like the following, which include advice on how to properly manage these considerations.

1. Top Ten Big Data Security & Privacy Challenges.

2. Privacy and Big Data.

In this article I wrote for Nearshore Americas I include specific recommendations for how to deal with information security and privacy issues in every single phase of an implementation project for Business Analytics. Please take a look at it and share your thoughts.

Remember, if there is data, there is risk. If data is sensitive, the risk is higher. If data is big, the risk is bigger.

What do you think?